Jaume Aguilar i Matas
A doctor composer

Jaume Aguilar has worked for many years in the field of Mental Health, both as a psychiatrist and a psychoanalyst, aiming to understand the psychological suffering of the people he’s had the privilege to help. Director Emeritus of the Department of Mental Health at the Sant Pere Claver Hospital, Jaume has also been a member of the Spanish Society of Psychoanalysis for many years. He has published numerous scientific articles, some with significant international dissemination.

Alongside this aspect of his life, Jaume has also worked in the field of musical composition for years, receiving Harmony and Composition classes from the teacher Antonio Redondo, from his own son, Oriol Aguilar Sariol, and from other teachers such as Enric Alberich, Josep Ollé, and Carles Guinovart.

With his compositions, Jaume especially aims to provide a musical expression for poems which delve into the feelings and concerns of humans.

His music has been performed by the sopranos Anna Capmany and Maria Pujades, the mezzo-soprano Eulàlia Fantova, the contraltos Yolanda Romero and Dida Castro, the pianist Marc Sumsi, the clarinetist Joan Roca, the cellist Matthias Weinmann, the Bach Zum Mitsingen choir, the Cor Cambra Setze octet, the Cor Ariadna de l’Agrupació Cor Madrigal, the Quartet Brossa and the Le Tendre Amour group; in venues such as the Paranimf (University Hall) of Barcelona University, the Casal del Metge in Barcelona, the Col·legi de Metges (College of Physicians) in Barcelona, the Eduard Toldrà Auditorium in the Barcelona Municipal Conservatory, and the Capella de l’Esperança chapel within the Bachcelona Festival.

His Música i paraules and Música i paraules II CDs contains most of Jaume’s most representative pieces, with texts by Maria Victòria Oliva, Jordi Sala Morell, Esperança Castell Rodríguez and Joana Raspall under the musical direction of Xavier García Cardona.

The musical and poetic performance, Sorra Freda, was developed by Jaume working with other artists, and based on an original idea by Jaume himself.


Dec 17th 2018 – Biblioteca de Catalunya
La Nit de Nadal
Diaula Choir
Conductor: Blanca Martí

Dec 14th 2019 – Monestir de Sant Pau del Camp (Barcelona)
La Nit de Nadal
Cor Ariadna de l’Agrupació Cor Madrigal
Direcció: Xavier García

Dec 15th 2019 – Església de l’Esperança (Barcelona)
La Nit de Nadal
Cor Diaula
Direcció: Blanca Martí

Gen 31th 2020 – International Meeting BION 2020 (Barcelona)
Besada d’ona (Anna Campmany, Quartet Brossa)
Figures d’un silenci (Anna Campmany, Marc Sumsi, Marçal Ayats, Joan Roca)
Conductor: Xavier García

Feb 16th 2020 – Sala Cinquantenari de l’Ateneu de Sant Just Desvern
El Cadí a l’hivern (Anna Campmany, Xavier García Cardona)

Apr 18th 2020 – Ateneu cultural d’Olesa de Montserrat
Talks about the problems of migrants and refugees (Sorra Freda)

Jun 13th 2020 — Olesa de Montserrat
Jaume Aguilar’s works for string quartet, soprano, piano, clarinet and choir
Conductor: Blanca Martí