Endavant (Onward!)

Soprano, singer, guitar, piano, cello
Duration: 6’ 28”
Lyrics: Joana Raspall

Comment by the composer

«A song of self-affirmation and in favour of the fight for people’s rights. Hidden within the piece, a small surprise interpreted by Marçal Ayats, my son Oriol Aguilar, and his wife Elena Pereta, who enter into a dialogue with the interpretation of the soprano Blanca Henneberg.»

Text (catalan version)

Respira fort, que l’aire és teu
i l’aire i tot et poden prendre.
Un cop ja l’hagis respirat
és carn com tu,
és alè teu que no es pot vendre.
Respira fort, que l’aire és teu.

Trepitja fort, que el lloc és teu!
On hi ha el teu peu no n’hi cap d’altre.
La terra té per a tothom
camins oberts.
Fuig de qui vulgui entrebancar-te.
Trepitja ferm, que el lloc és teu!

Parla ben clar, que el mot és teu
i el pensament ningú no el mana.
Si creus la teva veritat
llança-la al vent
i que s’arbori com la flama.
Parla ben clar, que el mot és teu!

English version (Roger Marshall)

Breathe deeply, for the air is yours
for they can take the air, and everything else, from you.
Once you have breathed the air
It becomes flesh like you,
It is your breath, which cannot be sold.
Breathe deeply, the air is yours.

Tread firmly, for this space is yours!
Where your foot treads, there is no other.
The ground has, for everyone,
Open paths.
Flee anyone who would trip you up.
Tread firmly, for the space is yours!

Speak clearly, for the word is yours,
and no one dictates thought.
If you believe your truth
throw it to the winds
and let it leap up like a flame.
Speak clearly, for the word is yours.