La neu més pura (The deepest white snow)

Soprano, Mezzosoprano, violin, viola, cello
Duration: 4’ 53”
Lyrics: Jordi Sala

Comment by the composer

«A composition for string instruments – violin, viola, and cello – with a soprano soloist and a mezzo soloist, based on a piece for harpsichord by J. S. Bach, BWV 793.

This piece signifies that the transition from the thrill of a dream or wish back to reality takes time. It is important to live the hope and excitement of a moment before lamenting its loss and moving back to reality.»

Text (Catalan version)

La neu més pura,
profunda, sense petges,
la neu promesa.
La que el meu fill espera.
I no el desglaç, no encara.

English version (Sam Abrams)

The deepest white snow,
without a trace of footsteps,
snow we were promised.
Snow my son is awaiting.
Not the spring melt, not quite yet.