La nit de Nadal (Christmas night)

Duration: 2’ 37”
Lyrics: Joana Raspall

Comment by the composer

«Joana Raspall’s poem Nit de Nadal (Christmas night) inspired me to write a choral piece for four mixed voices. An apparently simple, yet thoughtful, poem explaining why we should not despair when life cuts back our vitality. The old tree trunk, now branch-less, is comforted in the knowledge it can still become the Christmas log taken home to delight Catalan children year after year.»

Text (Catalan version)

La nit de Nadal
el bosc s’engalana;
els avets s’estiren
per fer la sardana
entorn del Nadó.

Una soca vella
no pot afegir-s’hi
i diu amb tristor:
— Jo ja no sóc bona
per res; no tinc branques.

Mes, pel cel ressonen
les veuetes blanques
dels àngels que diuen:
— Sí, que vals! no ploris!
seràs el tió!

English version (Roger Marshall)

On Christmas night
the forest dresses up;
the fir trees stretch upwards
ready to begin their sardana
around the new-born Babe.

An old stump
cannot join in
and says sadly:
“I’m no longer fit for anything;
I have no branches”.

But through the heavens,
angelic voices ring out.
“Weep not! You have value!
You will be the Christmas log!”