Per un pessic de sorra (To get just a tiny bit of sand)

A, Bar. soli, SATB div
Duration: 4’ 23”
Lyrics: Jordi Sala

Comment by the composer

«This piece can be considered as belonging to a cycle of love songs.

Starting out with long notes, reminding the listener of the waves of the sea, the piece continues with the melody which is then taken up by solo voices singing a variation of the initial motifs. The music is restrained to give the piece a pensive air.

It is a choral arrangement for four mixed voices with moments where the soprano, contralto and baritone soloists develop a song backed by the choir.»

Text (Catalan version)

Una abraçada
per un pessic de sorra
dins la petxina.

I si algú em crida
sabré que tot comença
a renovar-se.

S’obre un nou dia
i m’encén les pupil·les.
Tu, un món animes.

Ennglish version (Sam Abrams)

An embrace to get
just a tiny bit of sand
deep inside the shell.     

If someone calls me
I willknow full well all things
Start their renewal.

A new day opens
And kindles my eyes ablaze.
You, stirring a world.