Com el temps d’un albat (Like a child’s early death)

soprano, piano
Duration: 3’40’’
Lyrics: Jordi Sala

Comment by the composer

«Poetic reflections on the elusive moment where human experience lies, like the life of an albat, a short-lived child.»

Text, English version (Sam Abrams)

Like unheard thunder,
like extinguished lightning,
like a night flower;
like a falling leaf
lasting the same as farewell,
like the life of a flake,
no longer snow in your hand;
like the fading wave
yearning for green,
like fine rain in the desert.
The warmth of your body,
the hint of a smile,
the thrill in your eyes,
words in a cry,
what you have silenced
what cannot be withheld,
too slight, too late,
like a child’s early death.