Duration: 3’31’’
Lyrics: Jordi Sala

Comment by the composer

«A magnificat for the 21st century. A modern-day woman can recognize her feelings as a mother in this piece.

This choral composition was first sung during the performance of Sorra Freda, a musical poetic work based on an original idea of mine, which we then developed alongside Mercè Sariol, Raquel Gualtero (stage and dance direction), Pau Jorquera and Daniel Tarrida (musical direction), Anabel Labrador (production), Jordi Sala, Carles Guinovart and Josep Ollé with the participation of the choir and ensemble Bach Zum Mitsingen, the cellist Lito Iglesias, and the guitarist David Sanz.»

Text, English version (Sam Abrams)

Foretold in darkness and whispers,
I carry a life inside that makes me smile.
I carry him and he overfills a deep, broad night,
which has me feel the need to make growth:
as in a dream I ponder his body gestures,
I give them form and an unclouded look.
When the time comes he will unlock words
of vision. He will place them on my lips.
I carry a life inside, for now unknown to me.
I carry it and it makes me full. My body is magnified.